Sega Genesis Mini Pre-Orders Now Up!

Sega Genesis Mini Pre-Orders Now Up!

You can now pre-order the Sega Genesis Mini video game console for about $80.

The retro gaming system comes with 42 games straight out of the 90’s like Sonic (several games), Earthworm Jim, Golden Axe, Ecco the Dolphin, Tetris, and Virtua Fighter 2.

When it was announced fans were happy with the idea of the system, but wanted to know the full list of games. Now all 40 have been announced and pre-orders are being taken by just about every retailer. Only time will tell if this system is a success like the Nintendo and SNES mini consoles or flop like Playstation’s attempt to get in to the retro gaming market.

Genesis Mini

Genesis Mini coming September 19, 2019

[Cover Photo: Pixabay]