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Bob Buys You Breakfast

BOB and Great Harvest Bread Company of Bloomington want to say "Thank You" for listening at work by delivering delicious Great Harvest Bread Company Breakfast Goodies and Coffee to you and your coworkers on Friday! Read more...

9-2-5 Workday Bribe

It pays to listen to BOB on the job.  Why? Cash!  And lots of it!
Listen weekdays at 9, 2 & 5 for BOB'S 9-2-5 Workday Bribe.  Here's how it works:
2. Set every radio to BOB
3. Listen for BOB to open his cash register and announce the name of a Buddy at 9AM, 2PM and 5PM.  If BOB announces YOUR name, you have TEN MINUTES to call 309-834-0979 to win ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!
It's just that simple!
Sponsored by Barker Buick GMC Cadillac of Bloomington, the home of the 2015 Buick Encore.
Good luck and thanks for listening to BOB on the job!