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Van On Bob 979 FM Mornings

Van was born in Charleston, South Carolina, as were Rhett Butler and Steven Colbert. After bagging groceries in junior high he decided to try radio. If it doesn't work out, he knows he can fall back on his grocery store experience.

Myrtle Beach, Youngstown, Dayton and Detroit were among the cities that sat through Van's radio show. The Motor City has yet to recover. BOB is crazy about the energy and enthusiasm Van brings to his station and likes the fact that he always loses at Rock Paper Scissors.

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Jonny K. on BOB 979 FM

  Jonny K has been a Blo/No townie his entire life.  He was gone for four years, taken away by North Central College in    Naperville, IL.  A lot of shenanigans and tom foolery transpired, but it’s okay, he made it back home with a degree. He’s been    working in radio for a couple years now.

 Jonny’s still bitter about the original Steak ‘N’ Shake on South Main being torn down and turned into a Monical’s Pizza.  He also  still calls the Willis Tower in Chicago the Sears Tower.  Jonny K has a few things he needs to let go of…

Jeff Williams on BOB 979 FM Afternoons

Jeff spent his formative years attending Oakdale Elementary, Parkside Junior High, and NCHS before foolishly leaving the BloNo area for a while. Upon his return, Jeff begged and pleaded with BOB for a job. Thankfully for him, BOB is very forgiving.

When he's not on the air, Jeff spends his free time attempting to write the world's greatest DJ bio. He's still working on it. He also recently learned that urinal mints and John Candy aren't the same thing.

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